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Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. Albert M. Baer would later buy and merge the Imperial Knife Company with the Ulster Knife Company bought out in 1941. Secondly, Do they still make Old Timer knives? Black Panther Knife 6. Sellers looking to grow their business and reach more interested buyers can use Etsys advertising platform to promote their items. You have a really fine knife there, Michael. Originally for the farmers in the region, but now for everyone. Refresh your browser window to try again. In most of the places that Ive come across a Klein knife, it was either a military electricians knife or for another handyman. That translates to 192 things created in the United States and 29 goods made elsewhere. The ALKEMYST is a member of the Schrade ALPHA CLASS and is proudly made in the United States. According to my interpretation, the texts concepts focus around old individuals seeking love. Original Price 158.07 This 3-bladed folder is as classic of a knife as you can get. However, I dont come across as many Y models. The Ultimate Old Timer . In 2011 Grant Dunn posted a thread asking if the Old Timer 840T is for real, or not. PRESTO GEO. Theyre excellent knives at incredible prices. There was a problem subscribing you to this newsletter. Made of traditional cutlery steel, it has a very high carbon content that holds an edge well. Your email address will not be published. Taylor Brands, founded in 1975 by Stewart Taylor, has been producing, developing, and selling high-quality stainless steel knives and accessories ever since. Their knives come with a lifetime warranty. Monarch Steampunk Dragon Knife 4. 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Turning off personalized advertising opts you out of these sales. Learn more in our Privacy Policy., Help Center, and Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. Like many of the other popular Old Timers, the Deerslayer was honored with limited editions, private issues, and even a variation put out by the Uncle Henry brand. TSA CONFISCATED Old Timer Schrade Knives, LB7, 6OT, 6OT, 1113577 (Lot of 4) All open and close well. In the 1990s, Schrade, like other knife producers, began importing parts, packaging, and other components to create its blades. However, how nice of a Schrade knife you have is also dependent on what era the knife came from. There will always be challenges with dating any knife such as we had when dating the kissing crane knife or the ka-bar knives. At a time when stainless steels were becoming all the rage, Old Timers featured high carbon steels that would hold an edge and sharpen easily. Sadly, Im trying to get a hang of an accurate timeframe for this model also. These knives include folding and fixed blades, jackknives, and skinning knives. The Old Timer line as we know it today was first produced by Schrade-Walden in 1959 with the 2OT, a Barlow knife with the name Old Timer stamped on the button bolster. Knives by Schrade After 100 years in business, Imperial Schrade closed their doors J. eBay. Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. Great Eastern Cutlery (GEC) was founded in 2006 and have been producing traditional, classic pocket knives ever since. Customer reviews and photos may be available to help you make the right purchase decision! Obsidian knife blades are excessive for sandwich slicing. This covers any issues a consumer may have, such as screw loss, clip breakage, or blade breakage. By O. Christopher January 11, 2022 If you have a Schrade knife that you maybe find in the attic or was passed down to you by an older person, you might be sitting on a nice collector's item there. The dates for these Ulster knives vary, but the 50OT and 58OT Ulster Old Timer were made as early as 1961. $ 650.00 USD. Sellers looking to grow their business and reach more interested buyers can use Etsys advertising platform to highlight their items alongside organic search results. Related Tags vintage old timer knife value how to tell the age of an old timer knife vintage old timer pocket knife value old timer schrade usa 1940t We're skipping over a ton of Schrade history, but since this article focuses on Old Timers, we're jumping directly to 1958. Original Price 87.82 Theyre excellent knives at incredible prices. Used Old Timer Knives For Sale. It was first produced in 1963 and went until Schrade closed its doors in 2004. Old Vintage Antique Ulster Knife Co Pearl 2 Blade Pen Folding Pocket Gents Knife. Nenohi Honyaki Dentokougeishi 7. When Taylor Brands LLC bought the assets and rights to Schrade knives, they began to make some of these blades in the old style again. I know my knives - maybe not as well as my mother - but enough to write helpful guides for you. 1 In Stock. Youll see search and ad results based on factors like relevancy, and for ads, the amount sellers pay per click. Along with the Middleman, the Old Timer Deerslayer was also introduced in 1964 and remains one of Old Timer's largest hunting knives. Within that time and 2016, Mr. Baer renamed the company when he took it private to prevent a hostile takeover. Case is still dedicated to making knives in the United States. Here's a great excerpt from a thorough Old Timer article by Larry Vickery that lays out some of the earliest models, including those from Ulster. The original Old Timers utilized 1095 Carbon Steel for their blades, whereas the Uncle Henrys used Schrades Plus Steel (440A Stainless and 420HC in later years). Please. When out with friends who also have a Schrade knife of their own, this is a fine way to know who has the older model without getting into the technicalities. Thanks for stopping in!). It features a Staglon handle scale and stainless steel blade. It usually has a main blade that is a clip blade, and a second blade that is a pen blade. Impressive sleuthing by a Schrade collector and confirmation from an employee indicate that KA-BAR sold a trapper knife bearing the Old Timer name as early as the mid-1930s. Starting in 1904 as the Schrade Cutlery Company, Schrade knives gained widespread appeal and appreciation among other knife lovers due to the kind of quality and attention to detail they brought to their knives. Its closed length is 3 7/8, making it a convenient pocket carry knife. I have a trade cut company Walden New Jersey switchblade I dont know how to date it I believe its from 1907 to 19 46 could you help me date this. Like every other knife Ive dated, the Camillus knives are challenging in their way. While some other companies have taken over the design and started to make modern versions, there is simply nothing like the older units that first came out under the original Klaas company. Roger Angells quote. Not long after the doors were closed, Taylor Brands LLC quickly picked up the brand name to breath new life into the Schrade, Old Timer, Uncle Henry, and Imperial brands. The knife comes complete with its Original Box, Paperwork and Mailing Sleeve. When they placed the knives in the furnace for the first time, they would mark a X on them, and when they put them in for the second time, they would mark another X so they would know they had been tested twice. In order to give you the best experience, we use cookies and similar technologies for performance, analytics, personalization, advertising, and to help our site function. This number identifies the kind of knife you have. The price of this knife can range from $5 to $100 depending on its condition and rarity. The fifth game of the National League Championship series in San Diego, which was an all-timer by any measure, was an all-timer by any measure. A small curved blade is found in the most practical of these. s***t . In 2003, the strength of Schrade's design concepts and engineering continues to move forward with exciting, cutting edge product introductions and a respect for tradition. You can look at my guide on knife valuation to estimate a cost for yourself:, I have a two bladed knife which has one blade is two and a half inches long in your little or blade is one and a half inches long and its a switch plate, I have an old Schrade and the Tang Stamp looks nothing like the ones youve listed.Its a 881Y.Tang Stamp:SCHRADEN.Y. Lot: 209 - KNIFE W/STAG HANDLE HANDMADE W/LEATHER SHEATH. The Bos heat treated 420HC, which is present on several Buck models, was chosen as the ultimate steel for this range in 1992. This move would allow the brand to save on production costs without driving up the prices of the knives too much. I havent seen any one of those around so this is exciting. I actually own one. C $65.38. I want to believe this is the 105OT model. They're excellent knives at incredible prices. This knife is made of 7Cr17 high carbon stainless steel and measures 6.4 inches in length. The knife will have a specific number on it, which corresponds to the year that it was made. Sale Price 47.77 One of the stories reported in the Old Timer Almanac says that Uncle Henry Baer, president of the Schrade Cutlery Corp, or his brother Albert Baer, chairman at the Imperial Knife Associated Companies, desired a good old-fashioned knife and the name Old Timer was a natural fit for a new line of knives that harkened back to the days of old. That is why, in todays piece, we not only discuss how to date a Schrade knife properly, but what makes them special too. (15% off), Sale Price 80.79 Sell old antique postcard collection Currency and paper money grading guide: SHARE. Schrade knives have been made for more than a hundred years. As a stockman, the Middleman is a great EDC and the 3.3-inch handle length makes it easy to slip into your pocket. 26.93, 29.27 Their price is comparable to brand new examples. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. One of the biggest changes to the Old Timer line is that the knives are now made in China, but that keeps the prices on the knives reasonable and modern advances in manufacturing mean the quality is nearly identical to the originals. Fixed blade types that were formerly produced in Seki are now produced in Taiwan. ***I am glad that you paid attention to my product. Since you bought it 25 years ago, Ill adjust that age to 25-49 years. The Schrade Old Timer has been around for over a century. They are made of high carbon steel and stainless steel blades. Skip to content. Required fields are marked. Welcome to iGuidethe Internet Price Engine. If you could still find Schrade knives with the made in USA stamp, though, you are in for a fine folding knife experience. Some of the models include the Barlow Pocket Knife, Hunter Knife, Woodsman Fixed Stainless Upswept Blade Knife, and more. Vintage Schrade Old Timer 18OT Mighty Mite Folding Pocket Knife USA Made. Are there other blade markings or stamps on the knife? (10% off), Sale Price 26.93 This type of knife is ideal for cutting and peeling. Etsy is powered by 100% renewable electricity. Search. There were a lot by the end of 2004. For this, I recommend checking the production details of that knife via the Smith & Wesson site catalog. Note that this technique does not provide any actual dates on its own, neither does it even point you to an era when used alone. Before you can regard them as a collectors item, though, you need to know that you are working with the, Read More How to Tell How Old a Barlow Knife Is by Yourself (Charts, Stamps, and More)Continue, Klein knives are clear vintages, and theyre one of those knives that went to the war. That tang stamp is consistent with a few Ive seen. 1095 was not only a wonderful blade steel for a slipjoint, but it was also the standard steel offered by American knife manufacturers. It has strong edge holding but is most recognized for its exceptional durability. A 3.3-inch blade is also smaller than some of the other hunting knives out there, but this compact design helped boost the Sharpfinger's popularity. CO NY PEN KNIVES 1904-1946 AND A PAL CUTLERY CO. MADE IN USA PEN KNIFE PRE 1953. (15% off), Keep collections to yourself or inspire other shoppers! link to Why is My Pocket Knife So Hard to Open? how to tell the age of an old timer knife. Buck now manufactures 85 percent of its knives in Idaho, USA, and 15 percent internationally, up 5% from the previous year. Dont let the challenges from dating a Schrade knife deter you from knowing what era that blade of yours came from. When the Schrade Knife Company was founded in 1904, it was a small business run by George Schrade. For an unbeatable value, choose from the variety of Old Timer Knives. Given the tang stamp you mentioned, youre already on the right track with the date approximation. Showing 1-12 of 13 results $ 95.00 Old Timer 140OT "Trail Boss" Add to cart $ 85.00 Old Timer 141OT "Outfitter" Add to cart $ 110.00 Old Timer 156OT Little Finger Add to cart $ 80.00 Vintage Ulster "Old Timer" 58OT Medium Stockman Folding Pocket Knife USA $22.00 $5.00 shipping or Best Offer Old TImer Schrade USA 470T Beast Point Folding Pocket Knife USA #27 $22.99 $6.35 shipping LOT 405 OLD TIMER #440T Quality 3.25" 4Blade Congress Workman Pocket Knife SALE! First introduced in 1974, the Sharpfinger had the longest lasting impact of nearly all the fixed blades. Vintage Large Stag Handle Ka-Bar Toothpick Pocket Knife Olean Ny $200.00 eBay Vintage Kabar 1207 Leather Handle Knife with Sheath $74.95 eBay ka-bar knife vintage eBay Vintage Kabar J. Bowie 1210 Knife $174.95 eBay Vintage KABAR 1207 Fixed Blade Stacked Leather Finger Grooved Knife with Sheath $130.00 eBay 2023 Cuts & Carves - Designed by O. Christopher, How to Date a Schrade Knife (+ Schrade Knife Collection Tang Stamp Chart), How to Date a Camillus Knife Effectively (1902 2007), How to Tell How Old a Barlow Knife Is by Yourself (Charts, Stamps, and More), How to Date Klein Knives to A Specific Year or Era (5 Methods), How to Date A Case Kodiak Knife by Yourself (Expert Advice), How to Date a Kissing Crane Knife (Both Old and New), How to Tell the Age of a Marbles Knife by Yourself (5 Methods). Even though the Old Timer brand wasn't created until 1958, its roots date back to 1904 when George Schrade formed the Schrade Cutlery Company in Walden. It features a 6.4 blade, black micarta handles and a nylon sheath. You will find them on many auction sites. Like the Old Timer, the Uncle Hendry was made with superior materials and expert craftsmanship. The company has a website that lists knives by their price and value. If you have a vintage Schrade knife, you may wonder how much it is worth. The handle is 5.6 inches in length. The first number denotes the material used to create the handle. That is why you are here. Many are early Case (Case Brothers, WR Case, Tested XX & XX) but some are Remington, Winchester and Sheffield folding Bowie knives. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 3 Vintage US Pocket Knives CASE XX + SCHRADE OLD TIMER + DIAMOND EDGE ~ 3 BLADES at the best online prices at eBay! Original Price 105.38 Genuine bone handles with a sawcut design, nickel silver bolsters, and brass pins are used. The Case Knives selection at Mast Store contains a variety of pocket knives in various sizes. Despite being introduced in 1964, the 34OT was only given the name Middleman in 1971 because the size falls right between the Senior and Junior. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Highly recommend seller. They are made of high carbon steel and stainless steel blades. In those cases, here are some pointers to dating your Schrade knife effectively: Without the specific model number of the knife, the tang stamp still offers a good deal of information about when it was made. Captcha failed to load. Two to four blades can be found in the Old Timer line. From the outset, every knife is supposed to be razor sharp. Follow the chart below to find the era during which your Uncle Henry knife from Schrade was made. 1a: veteran. Vintage 1961 Schrade-Walden H-15 N.Y. U.S.A Fixed Blade Knife & Leather Sheath $99.99 View on eBay eBay SHCRADE WALDEN VINTAGE LINERLOCK (MUSEUM QUALITY) BIG MAN, RARE MINT KNIFE 1 $175.00 View on eBay eBay Vintage SCHRADE -WALDEN USA Alaskan Old Timer Hunter-250T Folding 2 Blade Knife View on eBay eBay The original 8OT Schrade Old Timer has been upgraded in this version. It's a testament to the design that the Old Timer Senior remains in production to this day and is one of our best-selling knives here at Knife Depot. Old Timer was founded in 1958 with the goal of creating a knife that was both durable and pleasant to use day after day. (8% off). link to A Pocket Knife Called a Jack Knife. TWO SCHRADE CUT. I was wondering if you could also let me know about how to tell the age of my knife? Born in 1963, he hails from Kaneohe, Hawaii, and invented the SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism for Kershaw Knives - earning him a position as Premier Knife Designer with them. (20% off), Sale Price 36.88 They can be the centerpieces of our collections; the ones that we hope will continue to gain in value over time. Cookies and similar technologies are used to improve your experience, to do things like: Without these technologies, things like personalized recommendations, your account preferences, or localisation may not work correctly. Etsy is powered by 100% renewable electricity. In addition to spear point knives, Schrade makes multi-purpose knives. ULSTER KNIFE CO. U.S.A. RARE BEAUIFUL BONE NICE VINTAGE CIRCA 1876 KNIFE. Nesmuk Jahrhundert Messer 1. These are bona fide U.S.A. Oldtimers and Uncle Henry's which have become very rare and collectible. The Sharpfinger became popular enough that it's seen a number of variants with different handles, and its impact was felt around the knife world so much that Sharpfinger basically became a generic term for a small skinning knife with an upswept blade. Stamped over the Tang Stamp are two large ovals. Shown in the images below is an example of the two-line and three-line stamps. In 1946, the company was bought by the Imperial Knife Associated Companies group. The Schrade Old Timer is also shockproof. Professional repair of broken knives or blade tips might cost anywhere from $5 to $20. Pre-Owned. Show me your knife, and I'll tell you who you are. Learn more. For well over a century, Case & Sons Cutlery Company (often known as Case or Case XX) has been creating top quality hand-crafted knives in the United States. On acquisition by Albert M. Baer, the production of these knives stayed within the USA too. USA. $89.99 eBay VTG 1989 Remington Bullet Trapper Pocket Knife 2 Blade R1128 NOS $62.00 eBay However, that proved to be a serious undoing for the brand name as many knife collectors, users and enthusiasts started to notice a decline in the quality that used to be associated with these knives. Refer to the charts above to see when the first of these named models made the market for an approximate dating of your Schrade knife. It's also large enough to fit comfortably in your hands and wield without cutting yourself. Only a good knife, though, keeps its edge. Evidence of the 108OT's importance to Old Timer is illustrated by the fact that it was included in the 55th anniversary set (along with the Senior and the 12OT Pal). Continuously produced for 34 years, the knife is once again in production thanks to Taylor Brands. Vintage Schrade Walden NY USA 8OT Old Timer Sr Stockman Folding Pocket Knife. For Sale By: Ozzie Marie & Company. Although we commonly associate the line with Schrade, Old Timers were also put out by another arm of the Imperial Schrade Corp: the Ulster Knife Company. Theyre not like the other vintage war knives Ive dated because theyre not fighting knives. Free shipping for many products! This depends on whether we are talking about the original Schrade knives or the new ones made today. It's a 3 blade (Clip, Sheepfoot & Spey) measuring 4" closed.. 1 In Stock Item # 79580 $69.99 More Info For Sale By: Ozzie Marie & Company Read our Cookie Policy. The higher-priced folders are created by G. Sakai in Seki City, while many of SOGs folding knives and multi-tools are made or assembled in the United States. Buckle up for some Schrade knife history and dating guide. Forgers like this non-stainless steel. These durable pocketknives are made of stainless steel and have a long-lasting value. Nov 27, 2014. Taylor Brands goods come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing faults. Required fields are marked. Many of these are made in China. There are a lot of different designs under each model. Whether you are looking to sell your old timer, or simply want to keep it for the sake of nostalgia, you will find that this type of knife is an excellent value. b: oldster is the definition of old-timer. Buck utilized 440C until 1981, when he moved to 425 modified steel, which he used for another 11 years. Its also large enough to fit comfortably in your hands and wield without cutting yourself. If its chipped and has to be repaired, expect to pay an additional $5 to $20, depending on the kind of knife. When large hunting knives began to fall out of favor, many people opted for the smaller 152OT. Even if your knife is truly an old unit, it never hurts to confirm that you are not one of the newbies to be on the safer side of things here. (22% off), Sale Price 1,004,926 The Sharpfinger has a recognizable and pronounced curve that was distinctive from other utility knives offered at the time. The Open Stock knives (for example, jigged delrin and some yellow handled knives) followed the same stamping trend. So whether you're out camping, hunting, or on the go in the city, Schrade Old Timer is a perfect multi-tool that will last you a lifetime. Buying or selling without checking iGuide could be hazardous to your . The Schrade Old Timer pocket knives are serviceable and durable. As you can see, one of the telltale signs of a Kutmaster or Utica Barlow is the "rounded shoulder" bolster which is fairly distinctive among other Barlows. Earlier in the article, we mentioned that the Old Timer 8OT Senior Folding Pocket Knife was the second Old Timer model ever created by Schrade. People also ask, Are old timers made in USA? Throughout the years, Schrade continued to add new models to the line. Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. Yes! Gentak Makara Knife 5. Every Old Timer model released over the decades has held a special place in many people's hearts, but a few models truly stand out in the pantheon of the brand. Switching the ownership of the Schrade Walden company a few times led to the decline in the popularity of the brand name which is why a lot of people do not know them anymore today. Schrade makes some great folding knives which explains why the older models have fast become collectors items. Original Price 3,325,123 This does not impact the price of the item youre buying and it supports me to keep creating the content that you love. Traditional folding pocket knives, fixed blade sports knives, and limited edition commemoratives are all created in the United States today. Product Specifications. If you're having trouble A jack knife is a traditional two-blade pocket knife that comes in various shapes and sizes. pleasehelp me identify a Schrade knife. Searchable appraisal guide to current market values for Pocket Knives. The Schrade Old Timer is the product of a long tradition of craftsmanship. (8% off), Sale Price 123.30 If the handle itself is damaged and needs work, you'll need a bit more skill and gumption, and that's beyond the purview of this piece. Eventually, it became the Imperial Schrade Corporation. Etsy uses cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, enabling things like: Detailed information can be found in Etsys Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy and our Privacy Policy. It has a distinctive appearance. Regular price $71.39 Schrade made more than 75 different models and iterations of its Old Timer series from 1959 to 2004, when the company closed. Schrade 77OT Old Timer Folding Pocket Knife 2 SS Blades Sawcut Delrin Handle. They are still working hard to bring more and more manufacturing to the US. The Schrade-Walden Old Timer line was also produced. Not all of the Schrade knives had name markings on them as they were not all a part of a special series. You would find such on Reddit and Quora. The 15OTO, is a 15OT made with a orange Delrin handle. KNIFE W/STAG HANDLE HANDMADE W/LEATHER SHEATH. Schrade also made spear point knives. Vintage SCHRADE Old Timer 104OT Pocket Knife 2 - Blade, USA FirstSightOfTheMoon (401) $35.00 FREE shipping 1970's Schrade Old Timer Improved Muskrat 2 blade folding pocket knife hunting RdksTreasures (239) $79.00 Schrade IXL Knife 1980 PeTagsAndMore (897) $293.45 Lot of 2 Vintage Folding Pocket Knives with Schrade Old Timer OtherPeoplesStuf (2,218) To make things easier, we made a sortable Old Timer comparison chart that takes all the currently available knives from the brand and gives you important information, such as the name, model number, type of knife, number of blades, length of blade, and more. They became a fast-growing company, selling several knives to the public within that timeframe. The 10 Most Valuable Case Knives 10. However, that doesnt mean this company that has been here for more than a hundred years now is not worth their salt. The Old Timer is constructed of classic cutlery steel and stainless steel, with Delrin or Staglon handles, all of which are very robust. This was likely just a coincidence, but either way, Schrade-Walden took the Old Timer name and made it their own. Antique Old Timer Knives One of Schrade's popular knife lines, the Old Timer, began in 1959 with the release of the 20T model. Search over 3 million price reports spanning Art, Antiques, Coins, Collectibles, Memorabilia, and other Tangible Assets of Value. This knife has been popular for years. Good-quality steel, constant heat treatment, and naturally accurate craftsmanship to manufacture the edge are all prerequisites for a high edge retention capability. Stainless Steel Handle, Spring Latch Lock, and Modified Clip Point D2 Steel Blade Butterfly Flippers, this ones for you. Looks like you already have an account! 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